Farragut State Park Fall Warm up 3D Shoot…it was great!

Fine tuning skills and family fun!

This two day event was a hit with our group and others like it! This particular shoot is great for building confidence, and pumps you up for what is only a few short weeks away.

Smiles all around!

Smiles all around!

The Fall Warm-Up shoot at Farragut State Park in Bayview, Idaho, is a shoot where you bring your entire family and as many friends as possible. On the first day, we were lucky to have two people experience a 3D shoot for their very first time. Unlucky, however, was the fact that temps climbed into the triple digits. We consumed copious amounts of H2O during the event to fend off dehydration, and to continue to enjoy the fantastic situations we found around every corner of both courses. The CDA Bowmen put on another great event for all to come experience and enjoy! Now all that is left to do is make sure our gear is properly tuned for the fast approaching archery seasons.

Check out the gallery for a ton of pictures from the shoot.


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