Farragut State Park 3D Archery Shoot!

Fall warm-up for the upcoming bow seasons

This is one of those events that is strictly used to fine tune your skills in hunting situations to include the use of your rangefinders! Fun, is a close second in the priority line up.

Farragut 3D Shoot

Hitting the target is always nice!!

We have attended this event in the past and is a must for anyone who would like to bring their game to its razors edge. The courses are laid out well to keep safety level high, the hiking is not too difficult but will get you breathing in a couple locations just prior to the shot, and as the title states, it’s a warm-up for the season. Expect some brush obscuring a few targets along with some “odd” angles.

Come out and enjoy the weekend with us, bring your family, friends, and of course your bows and arrows!

This shoot is put on by the Coeur D’ Alene (CDA) Bowmen and additional details can be found on their website. Additionally, we have a flyer of the event on the Wild Edge Outdoors Facebook page. The fun starts the morning of Saturday, August 1st and wraps up the following day.

Hope to see you all there!


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